Gods of Eden Will Keep Blowing Your Mind Until There’s Nothing Left

When I clicked “play” on their Bandcamp player, I was immediately impressed. It sounded like technical death metal done well. But then I kept listening. There was thrash metal. There was prog metal-esque clean singing. There was a flamenco section. There was a choir, an orchestra, pianos — everything. I know you’re just going to say this sounds like a trainwreck, but it’s not. It works. I even tend to be critical of Between the Buried and Me for their genre-bending elements, but here I was just blown away. It works because none of the elements are half baked. The tech death is Gorod-level. The progressive metal is as good as old Pain of Salvation. The death metal is reminiscent of Lost Soul. And each song they pull out new tricks from their sleeves, the awesomeness never ends. If I’m going to fully endorse one EP this year, it is this EP.

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Another highlight of the evening was the hyper-technical fusion metal GODS OF EDEN, which if I’m not mistaken they must have taken their band’s name from the confronting book by writer William Bramley, the ‘Gods’ are keen to push the boundaries of the genre to places which must be heard to be believed, combining the blistering fret board acrobatics of guitarists Andy Suppradit and Danni Lopez, shock and awe blast beats and drawing the best elements of thrash and speed metal in all its intensity…in fact so fast is their galloping blitzkrieg assault to the senses that I must have missed the title to most of the songs!

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Gods of Eden are another example of how far the musicians of today are expanding their technical abilities. This is the band´s first production to be released, and what an amazing EP it is! Each track is more mind blowing than the other. It is rare to listen to 4 tracks on an EP and say each track was awesome. This has to be the most intricate band I have heard for quite a while. Whilst listening to Gods of Eden I am often thinking of a fusion of Cynic meets Death with a more sophisticated twist. The way the band seems to be able to take music to another level is just unbelievable. The overall orchestration involved in the song writing is devastating; blast beats one minute then a thrash passage, then from out of nowhere a mellow break, from the mellow break to black metal parts, I really am amazed how they do it. The best example of just how complex Gods of Eden can be is presented on the track First Contact, I can honestly say I can not begin to count the varied timing patterns involved on this track. Another interesting aspect is the vocals; ranging from clean to thrash and guttural screams. I cant even begin to describe in words what the music is like on these 4 tracks, I could just say totally awesome but that would not do them justice at all! Top marks all round for originality and for causing me to have major headaches trying to think of words to describe the masterpiece of metal.

This EP is a certain eargasm for any metal fan and not just the extreme technical death metal fans. I would recommend Gods of Eden to anyone who likes quality music that is intense, brutal and original.

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Alright, so . . . here we’ve got a band who combine aspects of thrash metal, death metal, prog metal, and grindcore.

Do what?

Yes.  Really.

Gods Of Eden are quite intriguing, to say the least.  Their debut self-titled EP, only four songs, has provided me with a suitable mind-fuck likely to last all year.  To say I want to see a full-length would be a massive understatement.  You have blazing, technical, off-the-wall riffing full of thrash blood, tech-death bones, grindcore sinew, and power metal/prog metal synapse connections.  The vocals equally span the range on that spectrum.  They move from thrash, to power metal falsetto’s, to a very nasty grindcore tone.

Plus, the music includes black-metal-tinged symphonic elements; actually, the second song “Shiva’s Dream” is very black metal as a whole in it’s character.

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